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SIL prides itself for having a very proactive Law Society that has helped maintain a strong tradition of organizing mock trial and moot court competitions within the institute that have become one of our main attractions. As of 2012, SIL has been a regular participant at the Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition on International Humanitarian Law organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Teams from SIL have also participated in competitions organized by United States Education Foundation Pakistan. Students have also researched for the Jean Pictet Competition. To prepare teams every year for these competitions, a moot court on International Humanitarian and local law is organized within the institute wherein renowned lawyers preside as judges and even the final year students sit on the panel in the qualifying round, grilling the junior students and truly testing their advocacy and research. Bail Trials have been a very popular extracurricular at SIL. These involve students preparing witnesses and evidence to get their clients bail. However their potential as a lawyer is judged most for their ability to cross question a witness. Teachers and faculty both take part in these trials, with the faculty mostly being asked to appear as witnesses for the teams. An annual Jury Trial is held wherein members from varying professions come to attend as the jury and prominent lawyers take the bench as the adjudicating panel. The case taken for this trial is usually a criminal one. Such cases allow students to exhibit their teamwork, research ability and attention to evidentiary detail.s

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